About Us

Founded in 2012 in downtown Belgium, we are a fashion boutique clothing store and within a few years have developed into one of the leading online retailers of women's luxury fashion and bloating. We offer a unique and safe shopping experience that allows young talent to rub shoulders with some of fashion's most recognizable designers. Our mission as an aggregator is to bring together a wide selection of products, including must-haves, rare items and unique products from emerging brands, to reach customers worldwide in one online platform.

Over the years we have acquired and developed a mature clientele who show a keen interest in fashion and the latest trends. Most of them have remarkable bargaining power and deep cultural background. They focus on product quality, authenticity and fashion sense. Items that are sold out on most other online platforms and brick-and-mortar boutiques are often still available on LJDKVLA, which speaks to the strong and extensive supply chain we've built over the years.

We will continue to strive to show the fashion clothing to more people!